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Thank You Skid Plate!

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I went fishing all weekend and on our way out of the fishing spot we had to go down a few miles of dirt trails before we got to a gravel road. I happened to not notice a rock sticking out of the center of the trail and hit it pretty hard. Dinged up the underside pretty good and bent my Primitive skid plate but luckily nothing serious!
So glad I went with a skid plate rather than the stock plastic when the original got ripped off!


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Good to hear it did its job:)
Definately agree with you Subie!

The cost of the skid plate is totally worth the protection it gave me.
Ow indeed. This is why I love having a skid plate!
It's a life saver, especially when you're lowered.
Around 15-20mph. I think I would have been fine but I was coming down an incline that started to level out. I lessened the playing around a little after that happened.
Hi TonW07,
u should thank God because he brought skip plate for u.
u're a lucky man!

Were gonna need to start a committee to figure this one out :biggrin:
I didn't know GOD was making skid (skip?) plates now.
Notice the sig. Spammer.
I didnt click it and my preview hover feature in FF went away:shrug:

I figured though. The usual suspects...first post, just joined, etc.:icon_wink:

I didn't know GOD was making skid (skip?) plates now.
I though you knew:biggrin:

Thanks for the report, funky.

Thanks for the report, funky.
Good deal!
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