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temp gauge & rad fans not operating properly - engine swap - Updated!

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Here’s an interesting one for you. I just got the new to me motor in (LKQ on Black Friday was nice to me) out of a 2010 forester, installed in my 2007. During a test run the temperature gauge on the dash doesn’t move, but reading the live data from the ECU I have what appears to be correct readings. To top it all off the fans don’t come on automatically. If I turn on the ac compressor the fans come on and the temp drops quickly.
That all said the car is running at idle on its base map as there is no o2 or maf,sensors currently there.
If anyone else has seen this or might have any ideas for things for me to look into, the help would be greatly appreciated.
Ps all connectors that I can hook up are hooked up.
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Assuming the connector is plugged into the coolant sensor & seated properly, did you replace the coolant sensor? :confused:

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after sorting through service manuals I think I have figured out my issue. The motor I've dropped in is out of a 2010 forester which has a 2 pin connector on the coolant temp sensor. Now the fun begins I've got to pull the original harness off of the 2007 manifold and weave it into the 2010 manifold that is currently in the car.
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