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Hi. I have navigation in my 2019 Forester. When I enter an address and press Go, the voice tells me where to turn etc., which is what I want.

I can use the Talk button to bring up a map. The problem is that when I use the commands in the manual, e.g., Navigate to [address], I get a map that shows me where I am but there are no instructions about where to turn etc. That’s what I thought the voice recognition in navigation was for, to guide you so you don’t have to look at the map.

Can you tell me how I can get the spoken navigation instructions when I’m using Talk? Thanks!

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You should be able to bring up a map to your intended destination by pushing the "talk" button and saying "Navigate to [address]." That said, I haven't had a lot of luck with this function. The few times I've tried it, it either failed completely or displayed a location much different than the one I dictated. I usually wind up keying in the location I want. When I have my iPhone plugged in and CarPlay defaults to Google Maps for navigation, the voice recognition works marginally better.

Once the desired location is displayed, the system should ask you if you want directions to that location. That should trigger the voice and map guidance for directions.

I'm attaching a PDF I made from the owner's manual that lists all the available voice commands.

View attachment Voice command list.pdf
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