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2002 Forester L Automatic
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02 Forester
So I haven't driven the car in a couple months. I had issues with the brakes where they were locked into place and always trying to grab the rotors. I could be doing 40 at 5k rpm and hardly accelerating. If it shifted gears, the car actually dropped speed because the brakes were on to hard and smoking.

So I fixed the calipers on both sides of the front. Now I get pulled over last night for no tail lights. I have brake likes but the running tail lights are out. What would suggestions be to fix this?

I'm assuming check the fuse first which is where I will start. With it being both lights and the brake lights working, I'm guessing its not going to be a bulb issue since its both. The rear hatch at one point was worked on from I believe a collision, could the next spot be the bend / area that the wire go from the car to the hatch?

Anyone else deal with a similar issue. I've never had no tail lights before.
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