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This may or may not help anyone, but I installed Cobb F/R sway bars about 6 months ago (and love them!) but i recently started hearing lots of squeaking over speed bumps and then gradually over all bumps. I brought it to a quick lube place becuase i assumed it was the sway bars and they greased them. still had the squeak! so i took it to subaru and they said it was the sway bar but didnt do anything to help and told me i should change it back to the OEM sway bar (no way). I gave it some thought and realized that i never tourqued the brackets or endlinks propperly because i did not have a tourque wrench. I got one for xmas and re-torqued everything and re-applied grease.
PROBLEM SOLVED! turns out that the grease was non-existant and impossible to replace because i had the bracket tourqued too tight and there was no room for grease.

just figured this might be helpful to someone out there....
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