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Swapping JDM to EDM steering wheel stalks

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Has anyone swapped their JDM indicator/windscreen wiper stalks over to EDM?

Is it a case of just opening up the column and switching the stalks over or are JDM different to EDM Stalks with regards to wiring?
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Wiring would be different

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I'd liked to have been able to do this too as still can't get used to the stalks being the opposite way round to the EDM stalks. I'm always turning the wipers on when trying to indicate and flicking the washers on when trying to flash the full beams.
I would like to go the other way , how do you change the stalks on vw lupo im always putting on indicators in the rain.
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You ought to always use your indicators in the rain Will!
My other car is JDM so its easier for me, I prefer the way round they are, you can change down, hold the wheel and indicate whats not to like? :)

Although I do remember when I first got my last car and indicated the exits of a roundabouts with my wipers instead for a while lol
Yeh it happens. My Foz is EDM. Took me a while to get accustomed since that is my weekend ride and I drive a jdm company vehicle.

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