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Suspicion of possible tracker or bug

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I am under the suspicion that my 2003 Subaru Forester X is being bugged with a possible tracking device or other method by nosy neighbors. My suspicions are further raised in situations where I have pulled into my development on multiple occasions and have had a vehicle follow right behind me right after, especially at an unusually slow speed and never seems to move afterward when I turn into another part of my housing development and then to my house. I've taken some photos from under my dash/steering wheel and would like to know in particular what the black box with wire harnesses are and also if anyone spots something out of the blue, to point that to my attention as well. Lastly, I need to know where to look for any possible bugs to see if there any in my car.

Here is a link to the photos in question:
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@Wooo That black plastic box has a plug with a lot of wires in it, and some holes. Maybe a tracker wouldn't require so many wires that look like they connect neatly and conveniently to the vehicle's wiring harness, and those holes allow sounds like beeps to come out.
The easiest place to put a GPS tracker on a car is the underside. These usually have a magnet and some type of adhesive to hold it in place. Look under the car if you see a box or puck shaped object which looks out of place remove it. If the idea of handling this object frightens you take the vehicle to a Subaru dealer and have them remove it.

If you really do find a tracker notify the police, they should be able to track down who manufactures and who purchased it by the serial numbers.

If there is no serial number it could be a hand built homemade device.

The next time you see the slow-moving vehicle following you call 911.
Just a simple question. Are you doing something illegal?? If not, next time, stop your car way before you arrive your destination and see if it drives passing you and take note of its plate.
That is number one rule to see if you are followed.
Then check online for that plate owner.

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Sounds just a bit paranoid.
Lots of traffic in a housing development, and if your car is being tracked, what's the point of them following you?
BTW - It's easier to hack the info from your phone which records everywhere you go - in or out of the car.
Pretty unlikely for someone to break into your car to plant a device when the same effect is easily accomplished by a stand alone unit or other means...
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I do know that some dealers use tracking devices to keep track of vehicles, usually used cars with high interest rate loans to people on a buy here pay here basis.
@subiesubieDOOO is right about the high risk tracking...
Late models also have built in tracking for assistance via Starlink.
A lienholder can find out exactly where you are to recover the vehicle without any additional equipment being added.
I agree a GPS tracker would have to be placed under the vehicle. Those photos appear to show a factory wiring harness and components which are no concern.

They can be small and you might need to put the vehicle on a lift to really search for it.

They could also be small device like an RF beacon which could be hidden anywhere...even in your gas cap.


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I am under the suspicion that my 2003 Subaru Forester X is being bugged with a possible tracking device or other method by nosy neighbors.
Why would they want to track you?
... Could be a LoJack type of device put on by a dealership or a previous owner.
All....I think we are being played. The OP has only visited the Forum once, within 9 minutes of their one and only post. Great discussions though!
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hehehe love the breaking bad references
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