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So far, I bought my kyb shocks/king springs/skid plates (front, transmission, rear diff) from Primitive Racing. Unfortunately, the front springs are sold out till July 15 :frown2:. My ADF lift just got shipped 2" front /2 3/8" in the back. Hopefully by the end of July, I will finally have my XT lifted and ready to hit the trails and camp!

Things so far replaced: o2 sensor and when I first bought it, the guy who owned it replaced the turbo but it blew the bearings about 1.5k miles after buying it. Fuel line is leaking and getting that replaced as well. Car has 131k miles so far. I replaced minor things that it needed inside and outside that were cosmetic.

Other than that, I really love my XT and is just a joy to drive and have some pep in my step for once in my life since I came from a 07 civic. I love my XT so much that I am looking to getting a manual 01-08 NA/XT next year. This is just the start to a itching forester addiction. I don't regret my purchase at all!


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