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BFG KO2 are extremely popular, but they are heavy as hell and have significant rolling resistance that will murder your fuel consumption and slow your vehicle down, most notably if you're in a NA model. They are great for trucks and other bigger vehicles with more power and ****** gas mileage to begin with, but if that matters to you, you might want to consider other options. I researched a bunch of options from Yokahama, Toyo, Good Year, General, Falken and Cooper, and found the Discoverer AT3 to be an excellent mix of capability, reliability, weight, ride comfort and rolling resistance. They are also an excellent performer in snow and ****** weather which matters here in the mountains of the PNW. They were available in 215/70/16 and priced competitively. If looks matter, they look more aggressive than some AT tires, but less so than grabbers, ko2s, and wranglers. Highway fuel consumption is barely any different (roadtrips!), around town it's dropped a little bit but nothing too crazy. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts