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I purchased a certified pre owned 2016 Subaru Forester Premium last month and noticed a sudden and large drop in my fuel economy. I live in Melbourne Florida so the weather does not change much within the past month. In order to try and objectively compare numbers, the following averages are for the same 120 mile drive on i95 without traffic.

My first tank of gas I got over 33 mpg highway and my last two trips averaged 24.5 mpg on the highway.
My average for both city and highway was about 26-28 mpg combined, now it is close to 21 mpg. The car has 35k miles and is still under bumper to bumper warranty. I know avg speed, tire pressure, wind, fuel T, etc all can effect gas mileage but this is a drop of almost 7-8 mpg, which I think could be indicative of something else. My gas mileage on the highway seems to be more affected.
I can take it to my local dealership but wanted to see if anyone else solved the same problem.
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