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Ok, I wanted to capture some of the work I've done in case it's of use...

This is my first Subaru, which I bought in January 2020 with the aim of tweaking with:
  • SubieLiftOz 2"/2.5" lift kit
  • Bigger tyres (215 75 16)
  • Auto centre diff mod
... so I could learn to drive off road. I wanted white and went "poverty pack" as it fitted the budget. It had about 215,000km on the clock.

After picking it up, it became apparent it'd need a bit of extra maintenance I wasn't expecting (I knew it needed a timing belt and new front control arm bushes) as it had a fairly hefty oil leak from the head gaskets...
With the aim of working on the car over Easter, I ordered everything I thought I'd need...
The things I put on the list to start were:
  • Front control arm bushes - Nolathane 1x 45546 and 1x 45547
  • Wiper blades - Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blades front rear set
  • K&N Panel Air Filter - ref Ryco A1527 (33-2304)
  • Subaru Cabin filter - scored some Subaru parts cheaply on Gumtree...
  • Full timing belt full tensioner set and water pump - Dayco KTBA160HP1
  • Spark plugs - 4x NGK Platinum PFR5B-11
  • Diff oil front/rear - 2.5L Penrite 75w-90 synthetic gear oil
  • Auto Transmission filter - Ryco RTK276
  • Auto trans oil - 12L Penrite Full Synthetic Multi Vehicle ATF
  • Long life Coolant / distilled water
  • Engine oil filter - Ryco Z436
  • Engine Oil - 5L Penrite 5w-30 full synthetic
  • Fel-Pro HS 26415 PT-1 Cylinder Head Gasket Set
  • Fel-Pro CS 26170 Conversion Gasket Set
  • Subaru head bolts
  • Subaru Oil Separator and bolts
  • Thermostat
  • Subaru 44616AA030 Exhaust gasket (between manifold and exhaust - 3 bolts
  • Gates Radiator Hose FOR SUBARU FORESTER SH (23459)
  • Gates Radiator Hose FOR SUBARU FORESTER SH (23460)
  • Front diff drain plug washer (26mm internal diameter)
  • Engine sump drain plug washer (22mm internal diameter)
Initially I fitted the control arm bushes, air and cabin filters and wiper blades.

After researching, I went with Fel Pro for the full engine gasket set.
This was partly to keep the cost down and they seemed to get a reasonable rap online. I could also get an exact gasket set for the EJ253. Using genuine the full engine gasket set was significantly more expensive and I'd still need to buy STI head gaskets to get MLS.

I acquired a copy of the factory manual and after reading up, ordered the following tools from Amazon:
  • 13mm Chrome Insert Square Drain Plug Socket (Rear Diff drain plugs)
  • OTC (6187) TORX Plus Socket - TP40, 3/8" Square Drive (Camshaft carrier on the heads - better fit that a regular Torx T40)
  • 120PCS Car Retainer 200 Pcs Rivet Clips (to replace missing/broken plastic clips - with hindsight would get OEM clips...)
  • Sunluway STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool (For holding the plastic camshaft sprocket)
  • 91031 Professional Stretch Belt Installation Tool fit for 2008-2010 Subaru (I had a newish aircon compressor belt so reused it. This tool works pretty well!)
When Easter arrived, I pulled it to bits...
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