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Subwoofer Size and Quantity Recommendations

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I have an 04 Forester that I want to put subs in. I've done subs before, so I'm not entirely new to this. However, I was wondering what everyone thinks the best size and quantity are for the SG Foresters.

When I did my truck subs years ago, I went with 2 Pioneer Champion 10" 4 Ohm DVC in a sealed underseat enclosure under the back seat. I chose 10" with the thought that I can easily upgrade to 12's if I don't like them. Absolutely love how they sound in my truck. Enough bass to crank it up, but not to the point of rattling plastic everywhere.

Primarily listen to 80's (from Peter Gabriel to megadeath), 90's rock, 2000's rock, country, and some rap. So what does everyone think? 10" or 12"? 1 or 2? Sealed or ported?

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There is no hard or fast rule here. If you are more into sound quality one 10” in a sealed enclosure will be more than enough. If you want lots of bass do a 12” in a ported configuration. If power and space are not an issue, multiples are better than singles. You will gain 3db just by adding another sub (more cone surface area) theory anyway. However, spending money on a single quality sub versus two lower end speakers is always a better choice in my opinion. Unless you are strictly looking for huge bass, quality is always going to beat quantity in the car audio world.

I’ve always been a fan of 10s... I prefer the way they sound vs a 12. You give up some of the lower extension, but you get more punch. If you are not listening to rap exclusively you probably won’t notice much difference between the two. On the other hand, a double bass kick drum will generally sound faster, punchier, and more accurate played through a 10. Plus a 10 usually requires 1/2 to 1/3 the enclosure size as does a 12. If space or weight is a premium for you this is also something to consider.
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Thank you snow3d. I'm trying to stay low on power and space. I use my Subaru like a truck almost in the winter when my truck is not being driven. Also I plan to add lights. I will definitely look into what you said.

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@DeFox98 we have a Kenwood powered subwoofer in both our Foresters, placed under the passenger seat. Take a look at this write up in my Member Journal: :wink:

Part 3 - The Kenwood KSC-SW10 subwoofer is installed


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How do the Kenwoods sound? Is it just a step up from factory or do they have good bass?

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Just an update, I found 2 Rockford Fosgate 12" subs in a loaded box with a RF R500x1 amp on letgo by me. They sound pretty good, unfortunately due to Subaru's lower build quality, the plastics rattle quite a bit. But, Im happy for now. I might change it up if these blow for whatever reason, they shouldn't because I have the gain pretty low and the amp is putting out the correct amount of power for the setup. Thanks for everyone's advice.
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