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Hey guys,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have no problem shipping products to your side of the pond.

PM or Email us if you are interested in any of our products listed on our website: Subtle Solutions

By the way, we are also a vendor on Welcome to

G'day Subtle Solutions, I saw where SuperRu made the announcement over there, I hope you get some business from "down here".

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When I saw "License Delete" product listed, I assumed it was those cool plastic protectors that turn your license plate invisible to all but the straight ahead position. I heard about them a while back from a fellow Forester XT owner but by the time I hot-footed it to the shop, the cops had taken them.
Now THAT'S a subtle solution!

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Here is all the info and answers to your 1" lift kit questions...

1. Is there a spacer lift kit available for the Forester? YES.

2. What vendor on sells these? SUBTLE.

3. What model year Forester will they fit? (98-02) SF, (03-05) SG5, (06-08) SG9, and (09-10) SH

4. How thick are they? 1" overall

5. What is the material? 6061 Aluminum

6. Do they include all mounting hardware? YES. The spacers are machine threaded to accept our provided hardware (zinc plated 10.9 grade hex bolts).

7. Can you use the stock top hat bolts? NO. The spacers have threads, unlike saggy butt shims.

8. Is it hard to remove the stock top hat studs? NO. Just clamp them on a bench and knock out the pressed in OEM studs with a mallet or hammer.

9. Are these in stock? YES. We have all versions in stock and available for sale on our website.

10. What is the price? $234.99 (FREE SHIPPING IN USA) and we cover all your paypal fees! Oh, and the "other" guys who no longer have these in stock sold them for $255 and required you to cover your own paypal fees!

11. How much is shipping to Canada, UK, AUS, etc? It varies. You'll have to PM or email us ([email protected]) for an accurate quote.

12. Does SUBTLE only produce a 1" kit? YES. However, you can stack two sets of these on top of eachother to equal a 2" overall vertical lift.

13. Are these spacers produced overseas? NO! All of our products are designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured in the good ol' USA!

14. I don't have $$ now, but want a set in the many of these sets did you guys produce? We only produced a limited # of these spacer lift kits. Since these spacers fit the Impreza and Legacy, they will go quick! In fact, now that the NEW (09-10) Forester lift kits (which also fit the 08-10 Impreza) are now available, these will definitely move fast!

15. If I place my order now, how long will it take to receive them? Well, since these are in stock, we ship all of our orders within 24hrs (unless we are out of town or are awaiting a hardware shipment). These spacers ship USPS Priority Mail and usually arrive between 2-3 business days. Some guys have received these within 1-2 days. It all depends on your location.

16. Can these be used with Impreza STI or WRX lowered suspension? YES. In fact, these work great for bringing back your OEM stock Forester suspension geometry. You can have a lowered look, without the harsh stiff ride. Username: Fourortwowheels installed these on his WRX suspension and they worked out great!

17. What top hats do these fit? These spacers were designed to fit the stock OEM top hats, GroupN top hats, and may fit other aftermarket tophats.

I hope this helps all of you out!

Back a few months ago, we started a thread w/ a poll, asking if you guys would be interested in buying a set of these. The interest was HUGE! Now that these spacers are available for all (98-10) Forester models (all trim levels), our hope is to see more Foresters lifted, more install photos posted (before and after), and more feedback to help others decide if they want to go this route.

Here are some photos:

Here is before.

and after:

I really like how easy it was to do and its nothing extreme (Subtle... you could say.. lol)
I have a few more:

Thanks to CraigB for the pictures:



Front strut assembled...

Front strut installed...

Rear strut assembled...

Rear strut installed...
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