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Hello new guy here saying hi!!

Picking up my 2018 premium in jasmine green metallic later today. It was a dealer loaner with 3k miles on it. This is going to be my work car. I work for a utility so the worse the weather gets the more i am expected to go to get to work!

I am coming from a 2008 nissan sentra with 130k plus no carpet aka sh*t box. Can i curse here? My weekend car is a 2012 Mazdaspeed3 built block pte5858 on e85 that i bought from new. I love to work on cars my self. I assembled and installed the motor in that car by my self for the first time ever so i am not afraid of trying something new no matter how hard! I worked for 15 years as a professional car audio/ remote start installer for bb, cc, and pcr. Did a stint as a Trace/Xray repair man before settling in as a LMR tech.

My plans for the car is to convert the halogen headlamps to a projector style, add fog lights and maby a muffler/ intake for the sounds. I wanted to get a XT but i already have proven my self addicted to boost and not knowing when enuf is enuf so i had to pass!

My first task is to swap my existing "beater" sterio ( 4ch amp 2 ch amp type s speakers and a kicker sub) into the forester and my alarm remote start this weekend.

I am a avid believer of reading and researching before posting as well as helping out the best i can to people that are respectful.

I hope this will be a great place to learn as well as help out people. I came from so the attitude around here is a bit of a culture shock (in a good way) to say the least lol!

After looking at the stock oil filter location i am excited to do my first oil change without getting on my back and having oil run down into my armpit!!
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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:


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