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Well this story all starts with a group of other Subaru owners plus my little X. We had planned on going through the town just before a snow storm. Well we got a light icing and no snow that night. unfortunately my 4 other friends and i did not see this ice. After tearing up our favorite parking lot for about 10 minutes we decide to hit the roads.
On our second turn of the night the STI in front of me slides his back end out. As I now know he was not doing this intentionally. as he applied the brake prior to turning he hit ice. sliding sideways he hit the curb damaging both rims and flattening both tires. I see this and, like a fool, apply way too much break and do not down shift. I then also go sideways hitting the curb, mounting it going left front into the guard rail. the crx, damn Honda's, was able to stop. However he slid with in 6 inches of eating curb as well.
We were able to remove all cars from the turn and eventually got them home thanks to some help from a wrecker and couple motivated jeep friends.
After assessing the damage my poor subi had endured a total loss of the front bumper, left control arm buckled (thank god that than the frame), Minor sub-frame damage, both tie rods were gone, swaybar connects buckled prior to swaybar (thankful), totaled rim, and shredded tire, oh and demolished washer fluid box.
After a week of work, two days of which i spent waiting for parts, i had her back up and running. She has now earned the name amongst my friends as 'the beast of the east'.
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