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Found this video online of a Subaru Impreza losing a steel wheel during rallycross.

Ultimately, the cause is the steel wheels are not strong enough to handle this kind of abuse.

Definitely something for you to keep in mind next time you go do rallycross in your Forester.

Here's A Good Reason Not To Rallycross With Steel Wheels

Start at 2:15 to see the wheel failure. At 2:48 you can see the center of the wheel is completely torn up.
Why not to rallycross with Steel wheels. - YouTube

Does this person happen to be a member here?

Edit: Pictures and an update from the owner.

For some clarification, I'm the owner of the car and Chris rented a co-drive from me. The wheel and lugs are all oem, and were torqued properly. In an earlier run, while I was driving, we caught a rut and the wheel bent some at the hub, but was not interfering with the brakes, so we went with it. That may have been a poor decision. When the stress is that high on a stamped out piece of steel, failure is imminent. All 5 factory lugs were still attached to the hub and the remaining holes in the wheel are now hexagonal. As a Subscriber to /Drive, and watching "My Life as a Rallyist," I knew this was a possible outcome, and was well aware of the risk, but my aluminum setup is mid refinish. The car was trailered to the event, and not my only vehicle, so no hard feelings were had. After the mishap, lots of pictures were taken, the spare installed and the car trailered back to the shop where I work. All of this with smiles on our faces.
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