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What's the situation wrt swapping stock audio with other stock audio. Specifically, eBay has a surplus of 6 CD WRX head units. Is the wiring harness the same in, say, my 2000 forester (with stock clarion c116 cassette/am/fm)? Is there a guide to this somewhere?

Most of the auctions make some vague blanket statement about working in "most subarus including impreza, forester, legacy, etc."

I know that subaru started doing some wacky dash stuff with the newer legacy...I know enough not to get involved with that. I'm concerned with the double-din models. I've made up custom wiring harnesses before, but I'd like to avoid it if I can.

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Pretty much every Subaru from 93-Current uses the same exact wiring harness. I put the OEM CD player from my 2005 Forester into my buddies 1998 Impreza. It was basically plug and play.

The WRX CD unit your talking about fits just fine and will plug right into your Forester harness.

Checkout You should find the info your looking for.
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