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2006 Forester 2.5X
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Hi, my name is Serge, I'm from Luxembourg in Europe an currently own 2 Subaru's.

N° 1 is a 2003 WRX STi modified

Some modifications:

- EcuTek remap
- Forge blow-off valve
- GT-Spec Header
- modified downpipe
- GP (Prowler) backbox
- lightweight pulleys (alternator, clima & crankshaft)
- external oil-cooler
- APEX´i AVC-R boost controller
- HKS Type 1 turbo-timer
- triple meter pod incl. Sandtler gauges
- AST Sportline II adjustable suspension
- - H&R anti-roll-bars front and rear including rear Whiteline end-links
- Strutbraces : Whiteline rear strutbrace & GP-front strut-brace
- AP-Racing Formula Clutch-Kit
- shifter bushings
- COMPOMOTIVE MO 18" x8 ET 44 (black) with Michelin PS2 for street and light track-use inkl MUTEKI nuts
- original gold 17" alloys for trackdays (Michelin N22 slicks, semi-slicks in the future)
- HEIGO roll cage
- SPARCO Corsa seats (in black)
- STI Gr.N bushings (suspension, engine, diff and transmission) --> did not take the STi-parts. Changed every bush to Powerflex
- flocked dash-board

N°2 is a FORESTER MY 2005/2006 2.5X auto in white/silver.
Bought the car here in Europe although it comes from Oman in the near-east.
It's in fact a US-model which was sold there to a guy who brought it with him, when he came to Luxembourg.

It's an interesting model for me, because in Europe, the 2.5 n/a engine was never sold in the Forester. Only 2.0 n/a or 2.5 turbo over here.

Sadly I haven't posted enough yet, so I can't post any pics or links.


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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

It looks like you're into MODding. :cool: You might want to start your own Member Journal. :wink:

As to posting pictures or links, you're required to have 15 posts to link to a host (to prevent spamming), but you can attach pictures (thumbnails) now. :smile:


My MODding Journal

2006 Forester 2.5X
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Thx for the nice welcome :icon_biggrin:

It looks like you're into MODding. --> After looking in your Modding journal, it seems to me, that I'm not the only one:biggrin:

But I think the forester will stay fairly standard, one modded car is bad enough for my wallet :huh:

I will change the wheels to the original STI's from my Impreza. They are powdercoated in anthrazite and will match the car perfect. Perhaps with Hankook tyres.

Tinted rear windows are planned to.

What needs to be changed now are the front brakes. But there lies the problem because I don't know what spec they are. Mesured them and they seem to be 294mm. Are they the same as for the WRX?
Also not sure about the pads.

Wanted to use upgraded pads and rotors.

Rear drums seem to be ok, have to check them.

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