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zee lee said:
More my 2cents:
I would suggest not being too patient.

When I was patient things got worse. I finally email the part and service manager and got a response the next day. The more I waited the more they forgot about my situation.

If it is a big problem, I would call and talk to the manager.
Well zee as it turns out you were bang on! :shake: Long story short, after over 6 weeks (!) of trying to get a couple 'detachable' Subaru key chains as they are not that easy to find nice ones.....with one delay for this & an excuse for that......countless e-mails & phone messages (mainly from me to try & get an update on my order) I received a refund on my credit card (actually $1.32 guess is the exchange rate? but whatever :icon_rolleyes: ).

I ordered these items online when their website ( stated that they had 6 in stock when actually they were out of stock (but received no e-mail or phone call to mention that......I had to contact them after about a week to learn this), but should be receiving the ones I wanted 'in a few days' or I had the choice to get the 'new ones' they had which I didn't like. I tried to be patient & give them the benefit of the doubt (I understand about supplier delays & such), but overall I was disappointed with the level of customer service (or lack thereof), poor communication & will not be doing business with them in the future.

I'm just glad I didn't purchase any large ticket items from them! :censored: Just wanted to share that & in the future, I will make sure a dealer/vendor has the items in stock (by phone) before a purchase is made.

Now onto trying to find these damn key chains lol....:huh:
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