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Having purchased three of these things over the last few years for various engines and projects I thought I would put a little bit of my own insight out there.

When searching for a few parts for my new to me engine I started writing down part numbers and checking on prices. After getting through just a few parts I added up the totals to come to about half the price of a Subaru oem gasket kit. Well... why not just buy it all.

Referred to as the engine overhaul kit it certainly comes up short on a few areas. A few missing parts are manifold to uppipe gasket, uppipe to turbo and turbo to downpipe... Which isn't truly part of the engine but these will either need to be removed when pulling the engine or heads to complete the headgaskets.

It also includes the valve covers, plug seals but not the "half moon" seals that reside on the backside of heads. Why include almost all the parts? I wouldn't want to reuse those seals, they are so brittle that they break in to many pieces when trying to remove them.

One last oddity is the fact that they include three rear main seals. Why not add in a few of the above missing seals, gaskets etc. Otherwise it is a great value for the money versus piecing them together.

For links and more photos head on over to my website, link to article and gasket part numbers and links.

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