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99 Forester
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I am joining this thread to understand the nuances of 1999 Subaru forester.

It is a childhood friend's car who needs me to get it running in order to get his life back in order after a debilitating illness for several years prevented him from driving or working.

So I have taken up the task of getting his Subaru back on track on a less than a shoe string budget. I am some what of an expert on BMWs,Audis, and VWs and understand the systems of most cars. I am also a savey part puller at the local junkyard and hope I can avoid most any serious expense on a repair, so I feel confident that I can get this car going regardless of most any circumstance. We'll see if this confidence holds up! lol

Now it is time to dive into the details of a car brand I have admired for many years but never so much as sat in until only a week ago.

Thanks in advanced for the advice and experience.
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