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subaru newbie

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Hi, I'm a somewhat reluctant Subaru owner. The vehicle was inherited from a snowy, hilly area up north, so the AWD made sense there. However, it's black and I swore I'd never get a black vehicle. I live in SE Missouri and in the summer it's HOT!

Have had Ford Taurus and Toyota Camry before, so you can see this is a change. Have some questions I'll post elsewhere.

TIA for any help. I'll be looking forward to reading about others experiences and seeing whether I can talk myself into being a Subaru fan. (grin) This past winter is almost doing the job, considering the unusual snow/ice we've had. (Come on Spring!)
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Don't worry too much about the black car. I live in Houston and have a black legacy and the heat really hasn't bothered me unless i parked facing the south (and even then it was only a few times).

Youll love the car and the community even more.
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