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So for the last couple months been having the engine code P0244 Come up and ive recently replaced the Boost solenoid, which i thought fixed the issue, but today i drove the car fairly hard because previously it would let go of boost at 4000rpm and throw a check engine, so i was enjoying having her back and it came up again at around peak boost after going through all the rpm's with no issue for about 5-10 mins of hard driving, so i cleared it and it hasnt come back since. So my question is because ive gotten a new Solenoid could this be a different issue? even though it threw the same P0244 code?

Feels like the code happened when i accelerated let off gas and then accelerated again so just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to permanently fix this issue... new vacuum lines?

Only mod i have is a
3" Turbo back exhaust with a high flow Cat

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@Domz welcome to the forum from Oregon!
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