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More typically bad writing and bone-headed analysis by the most unreliable source of automotive information on the Internet.

Read the actual source:

And ignore TN's ridiculous premise that any recent issues at Subaru could somehow affect the longevity of a vehicle with 200k miles on it, that could be 20 years old or more.

I could add my own amateur analysis, if I wanted to explain Subaru's results, which would be this:

According to the research, the largest numbers of 200k+ cars are in areas like Indiana, Alabama, Michigan, Missouri, etc. These are regions that 1) have been economically hard-hit in recent years, encouraging people to keep their vehicles longer, and 2) are weak markets for Subaru (for example, there is only one Subaru dealer in the entire state of Alabama). The survey only includes used cars actually sold, so if someone chooses to keep the only high-mileage Outback in Birmingham because it's a bad time to sell and the car is running great, it would count as "zero" in this survey.

Torquenews is the worst clickbait automotive site on the Internet, and if I never see it cited again here on, it will only serve to restore some of my ever-eroding faith in humanity.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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