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Subaru forester 2019 rear fog lights

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Not that we use them a lot here in Queensland, we did however get this occasional heavy rain which prompted me to use the fog lamps as the visibility was almost a zero. I noticed that I only had 1 rear fog light on the right which was a bit odd. Are all Subaru’s like these? If yes, why? Thanks
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Yes, mostly all models although some have a central rear fog lamp.

Usually located to highlight the off side of the vehicle (left side for LHD), the opposite side usually has the reversing (backup) light in the same bulb location.

There are various permutations depending upon vehicle destination/market.

From MY16 to MY18 the rear stop lights and the rear fog light have been LED, am assuming still the same for MY19.

Rear light harnesses (backup light mirrors the fog light position)
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Yes as Don says it's normal - and bloody annoying when following someone who uses fogs all the time; it's like having a brake light in your face!
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