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Well my present fozzie has more than likely reached the end of the road.

Its got 189K on the clock for a 2001 model. Its time to decide whether to spend the cash on it for a new exhaust and other rear suspension bits and pieces which will probably come to more than its worth (Its got an LPG system on it so when I do insurance I normally say it's worth £1000. That's just the value of the LPG system).
I will probably auction or sell it for spares as I've got to make the decision on when its worth moving on and not doing the repairs.

So hence this post. Does anyone run a 2010 Forester 2.0D XSn model as I would like to get feedback on what they think about it. As I've got my eye on one as a replacement vehicle.


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Hi good luck with your search. I use Foresters an Independent Subaru garage and they are top blokes. I did consider one myself but was told by the boys to keep well away from them.

They then went on to list several tales of woe, ( there’s a word that ain’t used very often!) so I took their advice.
I have a Cross Sports Foz from Japan and its a cracking bit of kit.

Sorry to report this.

Why don’t you have a really good look into it and make your mind up once you have really researched this?

Best of luck.


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