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2012 Forester NOT cvt
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Hey everybody!

My wife's lease was up on her Outback so it was time to visit our dealer - Reid "the man" from Georgetown Subaru.

Longstoryshort... I traded in my '01 Forester for an '06 with 29,000 miles.

Very psyched - I can feel the difference in HP and ride (wider wheel base?).
I hated to let the old girl go (2001 L - Sedona Red) but she needed about a down payments worth of work - and Reid worked a sweet deal on a 2006 X-Premium.

Thank you all for the help so-far. The board was invaluable when the ol' 2001 kept giving me a check engine light (false catalytic). I read through some posts back then but this is the first time I've written in.

I've been reading up on all your sterio installations. Very impressive, very informative. I can't wait - I'm too psyched for Subby in my new Subie. :rock:


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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulation on your '06 Forester purchase. Post up a picture so the forum members can look it over. :wink:

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