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Thanks to who ever that was with the fid about Subaru at 2010 Dakar. I am such a fanatic and am pleased to now have a car in my stable that has participated in the greatest race on earth.

Along with the Subaru I have 1 BMW motorcycle, 2 KTMs, and had 1 Ducati all that have won the Dakar.

Any ideas as to what we can do to get a Subaru up in the standings or on the podium?

Over on we have a group called the RiffRaff who with contributing financial support are a part of team Rally PanAm, Jonah Street. Who finished 7th this year. Contributors get the satisfaction of participating in the Dakar from our computers and the team gets a financial boost from us. We also get some fantastic KLIM wear as a contributor.

It is a win/win situation.

So a question - is any one here know or is associated with a Subaru Dakar effort that we could team up with, I mean contribute $ to to help them elevate their effort?

I guess another more pressing ? is their any interest here to do such a thing?

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