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"Cross Sport Design concept shown for the first time in Tokyo, revealing Subaru's perception of the future 'urban SUV' market"

Subaru defines the concept as a combination of 'sport' and 'utility'. It's claimed to feature "easy seat access, a comfortable interior, and abundant luggage space".

The concept is 4300mm long and weighs just 1250kg, and is stated to display what Subaru thinks to be future direction for urban SUVs.

Details are few, but it's reputed to feature a horizontally opposed engine that transmits power through a CVT to the rear wheels.

The concept has been shown alongside the Levorg, Crossover 7 and Viziv Evolution models.
- Tokyo motor show 2013: Subaru Cross Sport Design concept | Autocar

As some people on Jalopnik pointed out... essentially a BRZ wagon/hatchback.
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