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The Autobarn wasn't the only Subaru dealer my wife and I visited, but it's where we bought our 2018 2.5L Premium Forester with the All-Weather package. All car dealers try to get their customers to agree to a negotiated price that's as favorable to the dealer as possible. That's ALL car dealers so you need to understand that before you walk in the door. Do your research and try and figure out what your willing to pay and no more. The salesman's job is to size up your interest in their product and present you with an offer that will motivate you to buy then and there. I honestly told our salesman that while I might want to buy a Forester, the Toyota Rav4 and the Honda CRV were still in the running. It all came down to price. We were quoted a price and then we left to see what we liked about the Rav4. The Rav4 didn't appeal to us much, but the Toyota dealer offered more options for the money. Next we went to the biggest Subaru dealer in the Midwest, Grand Subaru. The quote we were given was pretty much in line with the Autobarn. We returned to the Autobarn and told our salesman what we learned and asked once again if he could give us a quote that we hoped would come closer to our, (undisclosed) maximum price. He returned with an offer we couldn't refuse. The dealer made money and I am a satisfied customer. Through out the entire process of negotiation and purchase everyone we spoke with at the Autobarn was professional and pleasant which is the most you can ask for from a car dealer. The process of buying a new vehicle can be intimidating, because the dealer in effect holds all the cards. Do your research before walking in and remember that the most powerful negotiating tool you have is your feet. All of the above, except for the research took one day. My Forester just completed the break-in period and I am delighted with it. I suggest that ALL Subaru dealers print up a copy of the Consumer Reports review of the Forester. I trust CR to be a reliable and honest reviewer.
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