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Subaru “B Service”?

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Hey folks, yesterday I took the ‘15 XT (33.000 kms) to Subaru for their “B” service as I’m sticking to dealership servicing until initial 5 yr warranty runs out. My question is this: although Subaru’s maintainance guides list B service as taking 2.3 hours, they had only had the car for 1.25 hours when they called me to say it was done. I had already changed the engine/cabin air filters myself but that only takes like two minutes so no big time saver there. The major difference between A and B service is brake servicing. I am not at all familiar with this process, but is it possible to properly service brakes (and change oil + other B service items) in 1.25 hours? Wondering if shortcuts were taken or maybe they just gave the brakes the eye-test and nothing else.
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Yes. Both brakes and oil change can be done in under an hour. Everything else is just an inspection. If they didn't see any issues, then there's not much for them to do.
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