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hey guys! its your girl ms lady paula.
not sure if anyone posted up about this event, but i wanted to make sure the word got out!

this is from their promo:
StreetWars 6 – April 18, 2010 – Stockton College – Pomona, NJ

Join the war against breast cancer, bring it to our streets, with our rules, our ways this is, streetWARSfive! The ONLY car culture and youth lifestyle fight against breast cancer. The only event that takes car clubs, car builders, classic cars, and all forms of cars to join together as one and show their PRIDE to help find a cure for breast cancer.

All proceeds go to breast cancer education and awareness.
The ZTA Foundation provides support for scholastic, educational, and philanthropic projects and programs. On behalf of ZTA, the Foundation has donated more than $1.8million to Komen for the Cure since 1992.

so thats apirl 18th 2010 , pregister your car for 30 and 35 for day of.
they have a bunch of classes to compete in..... everything classics, jdms, euros, muscle, bikes, and i think they may have added for trucks or mini trucks.

for more info go straight to their website

but remember, this isnt one of those drama events, it really is for a good cause! We are all winners on this one. Sure, not all of us will walk away with a trophy, but all of us walk away knowing that as a car community, we all reached out to make a difference!

so why not start off the car season on a great foot?ill also be modeling there rockin my new look so if any of you can join us, be sure to say hi and snap a few photos with me! much love
xoxo ms lady paula
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