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With the knowledge base offline :cry: I'll start a new base of information about this bar and user experiences.

My bar should arrive this week.

Arlyn @ Strano said they have sold seven of these to Forester owners since October and I love some feedback on:
1. Installation (I'll do a writeup)
2. What RSB your using.
3. What class of AX your in or EVO/DE run group.
4. Car setup (other parts)
5. General remarks
6. Problems/Dislikes

Great information can be found over at NASIOC, just SEARCH for strano

Undecide "DS/ESP/STU/SM" :?: probably "st"

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I am interested in your experience with the strano. I have a cobb hollow now and might be moving to the strano to maintain as much negative camber as possible while auto crossing. I'll post more about my experiences with my setup later.

Thanks for starting this thread.

BTW that is me for August on the Forester calendar.
Not a bad diagnostic picture.

Keep us posted on your install.
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