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I recently bought a 2006 (not XT) automatic with just over 20k miles on it, which was apparently driven lightly by some older women before I bought it.

Anyways, I've been noticing that when the gears shift while accelerating, there is a sort of whole-car vibration that I feel in my seat and pedal (I can hear it clearly). It feels like I'm hitting lots of small bumps in the road, though I drive the same roads every day and there are no bumps. The vibration lasts from 0.5-1.5 seconds, about, and I'd say it's about a 5-15Hz vibration.

I tend to accelerate on the slower side, but even when I accelerate more quickly, I feel this same vibration. It happens every time I drive, though not every time the engine shifts. I also notice the RPM needle dips down dramatically, and kind of hovers there for a bit while it's vibrating before the gear shifts up.

Is this a sign of any bad damage? I find it hard to imagine my transmission is crapping out after only 20k miles. I think when I bought it, they "detailed it" and topped up the transmission fluid. Could the mixing of transmission fluids by the dealer have caused this. Has any permanent damage been caused?

Thanks! I do not have a lot of spare money, and would definitely not be able to afford a transmission replacement, let alone an intensive car checkup.


Also, I notice this car decelerates much more quickly than my previous cars without braking. Is this because of the AWD? (This is my first AWD vehicle)
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