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Hey guys, I've had this problem for a few months now but I just decided to post about it.

The Air Conditioning in my 2003 Foz is blowing warm air, obviously that would need to be recharged, but this isnt the problem.

At first we just thought it needed to be recharged. but then we realized the airconditioning wasn't blowing out through the two vents above the radio, only the side vents, floor vents ( above where your feet go) and the windshield vents.

upon further investigation, we were messing around with turning the AC switch to different settings, so it would blow air out of different vents, but no matter where you turn it , it does not change vents, it just continues to blow out of the same vents.

We've checked the fuses, and every single one is fine.

Anyone know what the problem could be, or any suggestions?

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My guess would be that the climate control cable has popped out of the retaining clip. If this happens the knobs will turn, but the dampers won't operate. :smile:

The PDF I posted here might help. :wink:


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