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Hey all -

Let me preface this with the fact that I haven't been driving my XT as much as I used to, due to a new work car. I'm driving about three times a week, with two days of "around town" and one day of about 200 miles, highway and city mixed.

It seems that the car has a slight hesitation when hitting the accelerator from a dead stop, like it thinks about stalling but then doesn't. The shifting has also become odd, with the 1-2 shift again giving that stall feeling and the 2-3 shift being very hard.

I might just be imagining things, since i don't spend 500+ miles a week in my Subie anymore and my work car (CVPI) is so very different, but just want to make sure this doesn't sound like a budding transmission or misfire problem to anyone.

Oh, and slightly off topic: both my wife and I have Subarus, and I've been very loyal to using Purolator PureOne oil filters for the past few years. Recently I noticed that both cars have been dripping a bit of oil from the filter, hers (08 NA) more so than mine. Any known issues or a change in the Purolator manufacturing process?
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