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Here is a list of materials needed to upgrade your Forester XT. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or GTP who so kindly helped me out with this information.


6 Steps to Upgrading Your FXT

1) Turbo Upgrade

VF39 Turbo - 14411AA572
Vacuum Hoses - 14447AA090
Boost Restrictor Pill - Included w/ Hose Assembly
Oil Line Washers - 803912040 x 2
803910050 x 2
Oil Feed Line Banjo Bolt - 15194AA110
Turbo to Down Pipe Gasket - 44022AA180

2) Intercooler Upgrade

STi Intercooler - 21820AA252
Throttle Body Gasket - 16175AA243

3) BPV Upgrade

STi BPV - 14471AA143
BPV Gasket - 21896AA072
BPV Bolts - 800608700 x 2

4) Intercooler Hoses

SAMCO, Perrin or STi Intercooler Hoses

5) STi Up Pipe

STi Up Pipe - 44104FE090
Up Pipe to Turbo Gasket - 44022AA170
Exhaust Manifold to Up Pipe - 44022AA150

6) STi ECU

2004 ECU - 22611AJ243

GTP's Notes:

*When buying used you will often have to reuse the vacuum rails from your existing intercooler.

*You should also consider new hose clamps for the intercooler hoses as these need to be very secure.

*Additionally, when removing the stock intercooler hoses, it is easiest to remove the throttle body to get at the metal hard line bolts between the turbo and BPV. The metal hard line is not used with the STI intercooler or hoses.

*The throttle body gasket is re-useable most of the time but, it may be a good idea to pick one up just in case it is damaged while removing it.

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