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Hey all, I'm having a hard time removing the plastic front that goes over the factory stereo/climate controls...not sure even what to call it. Center Dash?
I'm new here and having searched the forums, only seem to find info relating to new models. (Such as"> )
I am able to remove the plastic covers from the hand brake and shifter, but can't see where to go from there.
Any help would be much appreciated. I really don't want to screw up my new car after only two weeks.

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really, it should be very similar to my older impreza.

1) remove shifter surround

2) remove ash tray

3) then really.. you grab at the HVAC/radio surround and tug

it's held in with clips.

see my din pocket installation page

maybe that will help: stuff/rs/tuning/subaru-dinpocket.htm

the surround snaps in/snaps out

you do need to be careful....
but that's the only way to get that sucker off of there :)


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She's right

Thanks for the prompt response; thanks even more for a right answer. Didn't even think to look at Impreza information. But it's near identical.

While you were responding I was out squinting, prying and tugging. Got it off in one piece too!
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