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Steering shaking at highway speeds

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At 60 mph the steer wheel will start shaking something is going on in front suspension or drive train. This happened occasionally until yesterday when it was quite severe. Shaking went away on brief deceleration back on acceleration. Of and on gas off gas on. At 40 mph its gone. Thanks, Roger
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Does the issue go away above 60mph? Many times these type of symptoms are due to a wheel coming out of balance, usually from a wheel weight falling off. If the shaking is only happening at a specific "freeway" speed it is likely a wheel balance issue. I'd suggest having the wheels rebalanced and go from there.
Also a sign of strut / shock failure where the spring is now uncontrolled allowing a wheel to bounce at certain speeds or road conditions. Have the struts been changed? How many miles on the vehicle?
If it goes away when you coast or shift to Neutral, I'd think about it being an axle that is failing. Get her up on jacks and jiggle on the shafts. At least for me, that revealed one that was done.
I had same issue with aftermarket wheels. balanced several times, no help. Moved the wobbling wheels back, later killed the wheel bearing.
No more aftermarket wheels for me.
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