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And I didn't even buy anything! I bought 2 Legacy keys (from subarugenuineparts) that I wanted to get cut for our 04 FXT. On Subaru's site, I punched in our zip code and I saw that Star Subaru was the closest. They only had one address, so of course, I figured the parts department was in the same area as the showroom. In any case, I walk into the showroom and ask where the parts department is, and the salespeople direct me somewhere else about 2 miles away. Ok, I just mentioned that they should have a sign or something to indicate that. So, I drive another 2 miles and I see the parts and service center for Star Nissan, Star Toyota, and Star Scion. I walk in and ask if they take care of Star Subaru, too. They said no. That parts and service department is another 2 miles away. I asked why did the Subaru salespeople direct me to this place? The parts guy said "because the salespeople are idiots". Nice.
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