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2003 Forester
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Hello all, and that you for welcoming me to this forum I have an 03 Forester 2.5X, it's now got 270,000km on the clock (well loved/well used)
She is starting to make a strange noise from the rear, Does anyone have any ideas based on my observations/ comments below?

These are my observations
The noise kicks in a when accelerating between 3000rpm to 4000rpm'ish
(only when accelerating tho, i.e. if I back my foot off a bit and then stay on the 3500rpm mark (when going uphill )the noise drops off)
Best described as a squealing sound, coming from the rear
Not speed related as it does this at any speed
ADDED, Also only does this when in gear

I've had a squealing thrust/release bearing for while now, but I get the feeling that they are not related!?
I have also replaced the brake pads recently, but a louder squalling sound is made when braking, (I thought that this could be a bearing or something put under stress by inertia when decelerating)

Any feedback would be appreciated, Many thanks, and I look forward to contributing to this community.
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