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I'm getting an annoying squeak from my dash when I'm driving on slighjtly bumpy roads. It appears to be at the bottom to middle of the connector that holds the dash on. I tried lubricating oil and that helped, but it gets so bad I have to clamp the dash to make it quiet. Does that part come off, or can it be cemented in place or a screw or shim inserted?


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Peaty, you amaze me!

Instead of searching by keywords, I should know by now to just search by PeatyPosts (tm), I will find my anwers faster that way.

I am getting a similiar annoying squeak over moderately bumpy roads that I have identified as coming from between the dash top and the speedometer bezel (in Subarueze; the combination meter bezel). I can eliminate the squeak by compressing the seam between the two with my fingers. Neither loosening or tightening the two bezel mounting screws eliminates the squeak so I know that it is coming from a more forward mounting point.

The problem is that mine is an '06 FXT and in theory should NOT have the "defective" meter bezel. But the revised TSB seems to completely support what I would have done as a next step to remediate the problem (I tried using some vinyl conditioner to lubricant the mounting points that I could access without completely removing the bezel - to no effect).

So my question is twofold, would the dealership address the problem in the TSB even though it should not be applicable to my model year? And more importantly, would you trust your dealership to perform this repair or would you attempt the repair yourself?

Our car is still under warranty but I worry that a technician will take little heed of the dire warning in the TSB;
"Caution: Be extremely careful not to damage and/or scratch the instrument panel, combination meter, combination meter glass, steering wheel, column cover etc. when performing the procedure"
I am very fastidious about my cars and just know that they are going to introduce a mark or scuff somewhere.

On the other hand, a)I would need to obtain the "non-woven material, b)I am not 100% certain that this is the solution to my squeak, and c)if I scratch something, it comes out of my pocket (in theory, if they scratch something, all that I am out is the time and effort to have it replaced).

Has anyone else, especially with an '06, have this dash squeak?
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