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Squeaking in Back of Forester

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Hello Everyone,

So I have a question.

We had bought a bunch of Retaining Wall Blocks from Lowes which I put in the back of the Forester to hall from the store to home.

Made multiple trips from the store to home.

Now there seems to be a squeaking sound coming from the back of the Forester.

At first I thought the foam had been misaligned and was rubbing against each other under the top cover.

I removed the foam and the top cover and the sound was still there.

I made sure everything is installed correctly but the sound is still there.

Sounds like foam rubbing up against other foam.

It's really annoying.

I am starting to the think something got tweaked by the weight of the stones.

They were about 4 x 12 inch block stones but we only carried maybe 20 at a time ( 1 stone is heavy of course, around 22lbs each).

Anyway, wanted to see if anyone has ever experienced anything like this after hauling something heavy?

I figured the Forester should be able to handle up to 400 to 500 lbs of load at a time (I figured about 20 stones at 22lbs each would be between 400 to 500lbs).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Subarus creak, rattle, and squeak. It is a feature you will want to get used to. I'm on my 5th and they all came with this factory option free of charge.
I just wish it didn't start making noises so soon as I just got my '18 in June.

I am still going to try to figured it out though, lol, hopefully.
Try greasing up the rear door latch. I had a creak start about 6 months after I bought mine and that's what it turned out to be. Never would have guessed it though till I climbed in the trunk while someone else drove my car around.
Thanks for the Tip!

What kind of grease did you use?

And, did you apply the grease to both the door part of the latch and the hook on the bed?

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