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Spry Forester - 2009 Forester X LL Bean 4EAT Spark Silver

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So, the mods finally started tonight, figure I'd start a journal.

old DD (Altima) and the new to me hotness Forester..

First mods, will get pictures up soon!

Installed a Class III 2" Curt Hitch tonight.
removed the mufflers and it made it much easier
touched up some scratches
double sided tape between hitch and heat shields
gaps filled with RTV
plastic-coat sprayed the bolts/nuts
hoping for no rust for a long time
easy install for the most part..

Debadged the hatch

LL Beans are not for the faint at heart, that damn LL bean badge had a lot of 3m tape behind it
waxed the areas, waiting fun better weather for a full wax job
love the new look!

Anyone know where to get factory touch up paint? I figure the dealer will have some, I want to fill some chips in on the body.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts