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This info was contributed by Northwest Tan:

-----------------------------------------------Just in case anyone was wondering...


USDM Stock----------118/157-------------20.66/27.49 (backwards?)
JDM FSTi Black-------182/177-------------32.00/31.00
JDM FSTi Pink--------205/194-------------36.00/34.00 (peaty can you verify these numbers?)
USDM FSTi Pink------224/194-------------39.22/33.97 (?)
USDM STi Stock------224/194-------------39.22/33.97
USDM STi 04+ Pink--258/218-------------45.18/38.18

JDM FSTi SPT(soft)--340/290-------------59.52/50.70
(these are the softer of the two springs available with the 4-way adjustable struts)

Pink springs: USDM vs JDM
Stiffer in the front but equal in the rear.

Slightly stiffer but I suspect the inverted strut gets the credit for improving ride characteristics.

Just a quick note on the JDM FSTi struts at 0.3m/sec:
Extension: Front 1722 N Rear 1331 N
Compression: Front 616 N Rear 579 N

It's worth pointing out that the JDM FSTi spring rates are less than the JDM WRX STi but...
The JDM FSTi rebound values are actually higher than the JDM WRX STi. Supporting the suspicion that the JDM FSTi suspension is overdamped.
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