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Just bought 5 No. Michelin Lattitude Tour HP - 225 X 55 X 17 - but the spare won't fit in Spare well of my 2008 YM runout model XT without partly deflating the tyre - now run around with a deflated spare and a pump for emergencies. :icon_sad::icon_sad::icon_sad:

Are there any other common sizes that won't fit and will a few strategically placed bashes with a large hammer and block of wood sort out the problem without too much damage or affecting chassis alignment?

Problem seems to be at the front of the well about half way down.

ps - am very happy with the Lattitudes so far after 1500 km, about 10% of which was on roughish gravel roads, definitely more grip on tar than the Geosqueelers and a lot less road noise and also no squeeling around corners but it's early days yet.:icon_biggrin:
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