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Spam attacks come and go. We stomp them out pretty quickly, as the staff here is well distributed across time zones and pretty darn obsessed with keeping an eye on the place, and we get lots of good reports from the members.

The latest batch of camera, computer, and smart phone spam claims to be coming from England, but a check of IP addresses shows that it's really from Nigeria. We all know what that means. There aren't any cameras, computers, or phones! Just an opportunity to create a big hole in your credit card or bank account.

If you manage to read one of these before we've zapped it, don't fall for it! Go over to the icons at the left of the post, click the one that looks like a warning sign, and that will set you up to send an e-mail to the entire staff. And the spam will shortly be gone. Disappeared!

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Good job on keeping the place clean guys. Those spammers are annoying!! I wish there was a "send electrical shock to spammer" button..

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Also, we have had a bunch of spammers who will make a few innocuous posts then later add a spam link to their signature. If something doesn’t look right please let us know by reporting the post.

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Thanks, Guys and Gals!

I've spent several years as a moderator on a couple of forums, and I have some idea of the vigilance and commitment required to weed out this crap. I certainly appreciate your efforts -- and results!

Jim / crewzer
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