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Thanks for sharing these photos. Yes, our 1" and 2" Trailing Arm spacers will definitely keep that rear wheel from moving forward and provide clearance to the body.

1" lift kit = 1" Trailing Arm Spacers

1.25" lift kit = 1" Trailing Arm Spacers

1.375" lift kit = 1" or 2" Trailing Arm Spacers. Most prefer 2" version.

1.375" to 2.00" lift kit = 2" Trailing Arm Spacers

Guys who add the Iroman 35mm lift springs to their lift kits should be running our 2" Trailing Arm Spacer kit.

@Subtle-Solutions Any idea when you'll have the 1" or 2" spacers available for the SH models?

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@Subtle-Solutions Any idea when you'll have the 1" or 2" spacers available for the SH models?
Don't you already have our 1" lift kit spacers on your SH Forester? This is your posted below, right?

Finally got the Subtle 1" spacers and bigger Cooper tires installed. Love the new aggressive look and more clearance. And these tires are AMAZING!

We have our 1" lift kits available for the SH now on our website. Been making them since 2009.

SJ Chassis (14-15) Forester 1" lift kits were released in 2013.

As mentioned in the quote above in your post #1 , you can order them directly off our website: Subtle Solutions

We also sell 1/4" and 3/8" spacer that you can add on top of our 1" lift blocks.

Most guys run 1.25" in the front and 1.375" in the rear.

Our rear subframe and rear trailing arm spacers are in the works now. These are ideal when lifting 1" or more and prevent the rear wheel from moving forward. You can run our 1" and 1.375" lifts now without these spacers and always add the rear subframe kit later.

We also recommend a set of rear camber correction bushings for any lift on an SH and SJ Forester. You can find these bushings for sale on our website as well.
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