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First off, in which section of the site do i post a build thread?

Hi im Kevin and I like Subarus. let me take you on a little trip of what Ive had in the past leading up to why im making my introduction on this site.

Ill let pictures do most of the talking

First Subaru-

Second Subaru-

Third Subaru-

Fourth Subaru-

Along with the above ive had a few other non subbies thrown in such as an Evo VIII and Galant VR4, both of which I also thoroughly enjoyed. (I really just like AWD turbo cars) and I also own a turbo Miata! (one on the left)

So back on track to foresters! now that all of the above cars besides the Miata and the not running the greatest SVX are gone I needed a new daily driver.
I recently bought Subarus 5 and 6, a clean 98 black sf5 shell without an engine, and a wrecked but running and movable 02 WRX wagon. You should already be able to see where this is going. Plan is to take as much as possible from the WRX and transplant it into its new taller boxy home.
Havent brought the WRX home yet, but here are a few pics of my new shell after a quick bath.

Been thinking of a name for it to transfer to a license plate. ideas? BIG WRX WRXBOX?
I dont think ive ever been more excited to start on a car build! Mods, please tell me the correct place to star the build thread. Im looking forward to documenting the build and hopefully can help a few people along the way.
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