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Someone please help

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Yesterday I brought my 05 XT in for a break issue, turns out it was something a simple as the shop before not connecting some vac lines into the break booster. Well Pomps also found a fuel injector loose so they tightened that and the fozzy was running GREAT!. Fast forward about an hour and my gf and I are driving to a local town about 125miles from us to pickup a down pipe for the fozzy. Well on the way there, I start hearing this sound ( similar to the sound someone would make if they were to be gasping for air ) and then it would go away, it was very intermediate . We stopped I filled the car up with 93 and continued on our way . About 2miles from the gas station the same gasping sound started right back up again and the check engine came on . I ran the codes ( have torq for my phone ) and it showed up as a crank sensor bank 1 ( not exactly sure on the code ) . But now I hear almost a rattling sound along with that gasping sounds ( intermediately on both ) and for whatever reason the light hasn't came back on but the sound is still there . It seems to only happen if I pass 4k rpm's , otherwise it seems to idle and run fine. I had a mpg tune on the car via my cobb I got of a member on another site , and put it all back to stock. I wasn't beating on the car nor have I been since I got it back I've been trying to work all the issues out of it so I can have a reliable car to drive daily and mod as I please , but that hasn't been the case it's been one issue after another .

Can someone PLEASE shine some light on the issue, I'm at the end of this road with this car, I love the car but it's been such a rotten egg that I'm honestly at the point of selling it , taking a loss and just walking from it . I have a baby on the way and reliability needs to be the number one concern and it has been everything but that .

If need be I can post a video of the exact rattling sound it's making maybe even the *gasping* sound it's been making as well if need be. But the car has been parked the moment it happened we turned around and just went home and I drove at 50mph if not less to avoid hearing it do that again. It does it no matter if I'm in drive or park .

Thank you

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Can you post the exact CEL codes you pulled?
I would but the only problem is that I would have to drive the vehicle again to get the code to pop back up, with it just sitting and idling it doesn't do that , but once you put load on it , it makes those sounds . I actually posted about a similar issue when i first got the car that I'll try to find and see if i posted teh code then . It's saying bank 1 lean for the crank sensor is the general description .

A friend of mine told me that my up pipe may have cracked or have particles inside of it that caused the first turbo to go and now causing this one to go , thoughts ?

I also have a video i'm going to attempt to post if it will allow me to do so.

Video is set to private. The up-pipe suggestion could be a valid one. The 04-05 up-pipes are catted and can kill turbos when they disintegrate. Not sure what that would have to do with the code you said the car is showing though.
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